WildSnake Pinball: Soccer Stars

WildSnake Pinball: Soccer Stars 1.2005

You should feel the breath of good arcade pinball
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WildSnake Software

Soccer ***** ("soccer stars") is the first pinball simulation in the WildSnake™ Pinball series.
Not a basic pinball at all! Here you have some ball speed, modern features and different modes and you are playing our WildSnake™ Pinball: Soccer *****.

You can choose also to play against differently skilled computer opponents and attempt to win a series of games up to the Championship. Our unique game gives a chance for two players to compete head-to-head.

Based upon our newly developed engine the game carefully reproduces all aspects of real pinball physics. You should feel the breath of good arcade pinball. If you like real pinballs we hope you will be satisfied by the accuracy of our computer simulation.

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